Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Personal Jewelry Collection

It’s time for spring cleaning already, and while you are at it, do not neglect your jewelry. That may come as a shocker because who cleans their ornaments in spring? Well, why not. When everything else needs cleaning after the long winter, why get lazy when it comes to your valuables. They may have collected dust from sitting inside the jewelry box, or dirt from regular use. While they may seem all clean and sparkling to you, be rest assured that others are not looking at them the same way. There would always be scrutineers and spots are the first to give away to such inspections. So, here are some spring cleaning tips for your jewelry box that will leave your baubles as shiny as new.

Find a Good Storage If You Already Don’t Have One
It’s time to transfer your jewelry to you and dandy box. If you bought your jewelry box only a few years back, then you can hold that idea for now. Jewelry are best stored in mirrored cabinets that come with a lot of compartments and an overall velvet covering. That minimizes friction. Save a pocket for each type of ornament and do not overstuff. If your box is cramming already, it’s time to split your treasures between two boxes. You don’t want to dent or scratch them up.

Clean Your Jewelry One Piece at a Time
Dunk a soft bristled brush in a solution prepared from a mild baby shampoo and warm water and brush the pieces gently. Make sure you have a firm grip over the piece. Don’t lose them to the sink hole. The best thing to do is to close the opening before starting to clean. Diamonds that look too greasy for home cleaning must be sent for steam cleaning. This may take a few days, depending on the chosen jeweler, but it’s worth the wait.

Time You Redo the Collection
Every collection has more pieces that one uses. It’s time to reimagine the older ones that you may have mentally discarded long back and try wearing something that you haven’t worn in a while. Repurposing jewelry is the best way of recycling your treasures without overspending. Look at each one of the pieces and evaluate their fashion worth mentally.

Those that are still fresh and dandy, put them back in their cases. Others that you have decided to repurpose, put them aside for a later time.

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