Sparklers from the Golden Globe Evening

This year’s Golden Globe with its black-only dress code was a pretty big event. Celebs not only rocked in their sizzling black dresses, making black the new in, they also brought with them a bunch of stunning jewels to pair up their black dresses with. Quite a few actresses came under the spotlight for their exquisite choice of baubles, as much as for their nominations and winnings. Let’s take a look at some of the best jewelry spotted on the red carpet at the 75th Annual Golden Globes Award this year.

Sparklers from the Golden Globe Evening

Zoë Kravitz’s Oversized Emeralds

Kravitz arrived at the show wearing a low neckline, off-shoulder dress that revealed her Mississippi tattoo on her upper arm. While her dress was a simple plain black one, she totally killed it with her dazzling pair of emerald earrings. By none other than the celebs’ favorite Lorraine Schwartz, Kravitz’s emerald earrings were simply spectacular. Crafted with two differently sized emeralds each, the rock-size emerald sparkled leaving a green halo that accentuated her jawline and complimented her outfit.


Isabelle Huppert’s Chopard Emeralds

If you haven’t checked out Isabelle Huppert’s jewelry from the Golden Globes night, you have done yourself a disservice. Let’s correct the wrong. What she wore to the event was a pair of sparkling diamond and emerald earrings that worked superbly with her all black gown topped with silver and red sequins. Her earrings from Chopard featured dollop sized emeralds from which hung strings of diamonds with emeralds at the hem. Her curtain earrings turned heads gravitating a lot of attention and admiration.


Jessica Chastain’s Diamond Danglers

If you thought Jessica Chastain’s black and checker dress was the bomb, then you sure haven’t seen the pair of earrings she wore at the Golden Globes. The marquis shaped earrings had a floral top and were rimmed with leaf-shaped diamonds. The ornament worked very well with her black front and black-and-white checker side dress.


Saoirse Ronan’s Diamonds and Sapphire Suite

After the success of Ladybird, the actress is all headed to be a fashion icon. Her black dress with a silver sleeve and side was a distinctive choice of dress. Her jewelry made her even more a subject of admiration for all fashion lovers. She wore a pair of magnificent earrings that were made of diamonds with a chunky sapphire in the end. Although the earrings weren’t really heavy, the sapphires made them totally hard to miss and to not love. Her all-diamond bracelet also garnered a lot of attention.

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