Some Vital Information to Help you through Your Purchase of a Princess Cut Diamond

Most shopping mishap happens due to lack of information or insight. When it comes to diamonds, you cannot risk not knowing because the price of ignorance there is pretty steep. So, to help you through your purchase of a princes cut diamond, here is some information. These little nuggets of information about princess cut diamonds will help you get past the pitfall that lie along the way and make the best judgement for your investment.
To help develop a perspective, this article discusses the princess cut in relation to the list topper, round-cut.

Some Vital Information to Help you through Your Purchase of a Princess Cut Diamond

A Princess Diamond and a Princess Cut Ring
Yes, they are precisely the same thing. A ring set with a princess cut diamond is a princess cut ring. Speaking of princess cut diamonds, they have some distinguishing features they are identifiable by, such as clean lines, sharp corners and stunning sparkle. Ideally a princess cut diamond has a length to width proportion of 1:1.05. That’s the measurement of the perfect square that a princess cut embodies.

Princess or Round-Cut, Which One Looks Larger?
Of the two, the princess cut has a visual advantage of size. On account of a small pavilion, a princess cut diamond always appears larger than a round-cut diamond, and that applies to stones the size of a carat or more.

The Fire and Scintillation
Both in terms of fire and scintillation, a princess cut diamond is superior to most cuts. However, the round cut still beats the princess cut in terms of brilliance. So, although it has the visual advantage of size, the princess cut is not as sparkly as the round cut. However, the princess cut is still the second most brilliant cuts there is and its difference with a round brilliant cut is only marginal.

Facets of a Princess Cut
A Princess cut diamond has 58 facets. Quite interestingly, that’s as many facets as a round cut has. However, the number of chevrons in the two cut are different and that makes a final impact on the sparkle of the two cuts.

Price of a Princess Cut
The princess cut is one of the most expensive cuts there is, and yet, it is cheaper than the round cut. The reason this cut is slightly cheaper than the round cut is because cutters are able to make use of 80% of the rough diamond when shaping it to princess cut.

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