Some Facts about Diamonds That Will Blow Your Mind

Diamond, the birthstone of the month of April is the most precious gem of all. Its brilliance and scintillation has inspired works of art and literature alike. Diamonds have been talked about across cultures in folklores, mythologies and hearsay stories for centuries. These dazzling gemstones that are born in the core of carbon have mystified thinkers and sorcerers alike until science found the way to solve all the riddles that have swirled around this pretty gem. Many of you might already be familiar with the technicalities of diamonds, but the amazing facts about diamonds are not so common. So, here are some to keep you amazed for the next few minutes.
Some Facts about Diamonds That Will Blow Your Mind

  • The Greeks and Romans in ancient Europe believed that the dazzling white stones that later came to be known as diamonds were tears of the Gods. Stories from that time suggest that the civilization believed that they were showered on to them from the heaven and that they were splinters of the stars.
  • The story of how diamonds came to be has its romantic connotation. The early Greeks believed that Cupid, the God of love had his arrows tipped with a diamond. That makes sense, for every time he shot an arrow at someone, it ended with a magnificent proposal with a bright shiny diamond ring, or at least it did in many cases.
  • There is no evidence to establish the exact time in which diamonds were first found, but archeological investigation suggests that diamonds on this planet are about 3 billion year old.
  • Moving on to the sciences of mining, diamonds occur 100 miles below the surface of the earth. They have pulled up to a reasonable depth by volcanic eruptions that cause the gems to be hauled up with molten lava.
  • You may already know this but that should not stop it from being amazing- diamonds are 100% carbon, and those that are not are the less perfect ones with trace amounts of other minerals. A diamond that is formed purely out of carbon is perfectly transparent. Color in diamonds comes from the presence of different minerals that make their way into the crystal from the surroundings.
  • The term diamond originally came from the word “adamas”, which in Greek means indestructible. That made perfect sense when diamond was the hardest known substance on this planet. Even though it is topped by two others at this point, diamond still continues to be a pretty hard substance.

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