Small Pendants to Tag with Your Everyday Necklace

The concept of small pendants was first introduced as an accompaniment for short, slim chains for the working women. Ladies who work 9 hours a day at work hardly have time to spend on anything else, much less on fashion. To help them stay in fashion and look stylish even when they don’t have the time to accessorize their outfits with matching jewelry, these chains were introduced as a go-with-all. Gradually, the buyers warmed up to the idea of tagging their necklaces like something catchy, but small. Along came petite pendants to save the day. Today, the gallery of small pendants is enormous and choice abound. Here are some that may fascinate you today.


Sea Shells

Sea shell pendants are rare as compared to hearts and stars. Often made from mother of pearls and even gold, these pendants are made to look like tiny conch-like seashells that wash up on the shore and shine the walkers’ way. They are small, shapely, often pointy and a great accessory for all kinds of occasions, from church Sundays to girls’ night on weekends.



There is no other pendant that can beat the sentimental quotient of a charm. They are cute, adorable and irresistible. In my opinion, every woman should own a couple of charm pendants for summer dresses and even office wear.



If you have an undersized ring that you don’t know what to do with, put it on your necklace as a pendent. Ring pendants became very popular with people started putting either of their wedding or engagement rings in their neck chains. To this day, this is high in fashion. From bands to solitaires, any ring can be put into a neckpiece as a pendant.



If you like letter pendants, then wear your name with your necklace. This is not likely to go out of fashion any time soon, nor can it ever look poorly with any attire, as long as you don’t change your name. Instead of your name, you can also put together your favorite word and wear it around your neck.


Clover Leafs

Clover leafs are lucky and therefore, they make a nice choice for a pendant. Clover leaf pendants come in two designs, one that uses gems like emeralds and another, that is enameled.



If you like wearing a lucky symbol all the time, then a horseshoe pendant studded with diamonds is what you’re looking for.

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