Six Best Engagement Ring Designs for 2016

If the trend is to be trusted, some 6 engagement ring designs have surfaced up as this year’s bests. With one of these between your index and thumb, the proposal is already a success. Watch her nod beamingly as you take her hand and slid it into her delicate finger and make her yours, forever.


A Loopy Spectacle
If your lady has an eye for details, then pick this one. Though this design leaves out all of the circle with a polish and bevel, its intricacies are all concentrated to the center. The setting that locks the 1 Karat diamond in place is precisely molded and casted to create some spectacular loops and bends. Each of these platinum droplets holds a perfect stone within their silhouette.

The Depth of Blue
Although white diamond bands are emblematic of romantic engagement, a touch of shades only adds to the radiance. Blue sapphire is a gemstone that equals with diamond in terms of rarity and value. A well-cut blue sapphire when held under light reflects and refracts to create a chiaroscuro of shine and shimmer that leaves all in wide-eyed wonder. A blue sapphire, or even better, blue diamond as the center stone set amidst a rim of scrap white certified diamonds makes quite a spectacle. Designers have teamed this one-off theme with an all diamond band to create a piece of jewel, best named, the enigma.

Baguette Accents
If she is not another in the league of ordinary, then this is worth a look. A rectangular single stone cut with steep facets and set by four-prongs on plain diamond bands may give her one mighty reason to say yes. The ripple effects of the cut justifies its popularity.

Asymmetrical Band with TwistedShank
With most of the handiwork kept limited to the center of a ring, the band is often left neglected. This one makes an exception with an elaborate band design. The shanks of the ring is split into two threads, one of which enjoys a row of loose diamonds each. The curving is kept asymmetrical that gently merges into the rest of the band. Yes, and it has the obvious princess-cut diamond in between.

A Rose-Cut Stone in a Bezel Set
If you are looking past white gold or platinum, then this black rhodium piece might interest you. It is a distinct piece, owing mostly to the rose-cut diamond at the center sitting inside a clean bezel mounting, against the coppery color of the rhodium. Expect no design or detail in the built though.

Interwoven Silhouettes
This is only a finer and less ornate version of the fourth design. A sweet intertwining of the band on either sides of the center stone brings out the theme of love and marriage. It gives the ring a flexible, lacy feel too.
Beauty is in details. The game is no longer about who flashes the biggest rock on their finger; instead, whose ring catches the most imagination. So, purchase thoughtfully.

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