Simple Clean and Care Tips for Diamond Ornaments

Cleaning your engagement ring or that everyday wear studs is not that difficult a drill, if you don’t wait too long that is. Jewelers recommend weekly cleaning of the ornaments to enjoy the shine and shimmer for the longest time. It’s simple and requires very little of your time or effort. To add to that, you need nothing other than what’s available in your bathroom cupboard to clean your jewelry. So, here is how you do it, even when you have a maddening schedule. Do choose a weekend though to do it, when you can still your mind enough to do something like this.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution has to be carefully made. What you add and how much you add into the solution will affect the longevity of the shine. So, we recommend something extremely mild. A baby shampoo is ideally what you need, but if you don’t have children in the house, you can use your own, but only a drop or two of it. Dilute it with enough water so that the solution gets frothy, but not too soapy.


Soak Them in the Solution a Little Ahead of the Cleanup

Put all your everyday ornaments into the solution. Do not use the sink for soaking. Use a medium-sized kitchen bowl instead to do the dipping. Depending on how often you clean them, time the pre-treatment. For fairly clean jewelry, 10 minutes of soaking is enough. However, do not toss your jewelry in and walk away forgetting everything about it. You don’t want expensive ornaments to be sunk in soap water for too long. The treatment can be quite corrosive to soft metals.


Clean With a Baby Brush

You need a baby brush for the cleaning, not just because of the softness of the bristles, but also because they are small and perfect to work with. If running to the nearest pharmacy is not the best option for you, try using any of your old discarded brush, but just this one time. Try not to be too rough for it may scratch the stones and metal. Try brushing at the inner hollows of the setting and details where dirt could be hiding.


Rinse, Shake and Wipe

Rinse them, one at a time under the faucet in cold water, wipe them dry and wipe off the remaining moisture with a clean, soft towel.

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