3 Ideal Settings for a Round-Cut Emerald Stone

There has been an explosion in the popularity of gemstone engagement rings, particularly among millennials in the past few years. In that, nontraditional bridal jewelry is speedily gaining grounds. It is around this time that emerald jewelry came into fashion and started to gain the upper hand among other colored gems. Although they haven’t quite surpassed the popularity of diamonds and are not likely to, they are in parallel with their colorless equivalents at this point. If you have been thinking of swapping your diamonds for these bright green, statement stones, then here are some suggestions for the best settings you can use in a ring.

In a Diamond Halo
My favorite is an emerald ring with a white diamond halo. This can be inversed with wild success too, but since we are talking about emeralds as center stones today, let’s stick to that. Encircling a sparkling green round-cut emerald with a shimmering ring of white diamonds is a great way to beautify a ring. Its luxe for one, and the setting creates a focal point, for another. So, even if you have picked a small emerald, the halo around it will visually increase the size and substantially work up the weight of the ring.

On a Band, in a Floral Setting
Another great way to set your emeralds is by putting them in a row in a platinum band. For this, a sleek, skinny band will do. The green hue will seem even brighter in contrast with the steely tone of the platinum. The stones will add warmth to the combination instantly. For the best effect, choose the antique floral setting for putting the stones in place. However, the style of band that works best with an antique floral setting is the one with their sides etched out. The sides add a new dimension to the band without stealing the attention from the gems.

Prong Set Emerald Side Stones
Emerald can be used as center and side stones in rings. However, you have to get the shapes and setting right to make it look pretty. A central emerald hugged by diamonds from both sides is a common motif, but this one is unique. Round-cut brilliant emeralds work best for these designs. Fix them up with classic four prong settings for the best effect. Together they will add drama to your ring that no other style of accent can achieve.

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