Seal the Bond of Love with an Eternity Wedding Band


Since the ancient times and across many cultures, rings conveyed the notion of eternal love. The concept may be old, but it is followed with more vigor and zeal today. It has become a matter of much concern among men to choose the most ideal engagement ring and wedding band. It demands much time and effort apart from an extensive research to finally choose the perfect one for her. Wedding bands come in many styles, but the one that has been garnering all the attention of late is the eternity wedding band.
The history of eternity wedding band dates back to about 4000 years ago, though the idea of the diamond eternity band surfaced in the 1960, thanks to De Beers. It has always been portrayed as a symbol of eternal love represented by the continuous display of diamonds. This concept of eternal love symbolized by the eternity wedding band has thus lured couples who wish to express their love uniquely. The concept is further enhanced when set with diamonds because as a gemstone diamond stands for endurance, permanence and eternity.

Eternity wedding band can be customized as per your choice of metal and gemstone. Though diamond eternity bands are the most sought after choice, ruby, sapphire and emerald are other popular gemstones that can elegantly grace this style. One can also use a combination of two gemstones like diamond and sapphire or diamond and ruby alternatively. Eternity bands come in two types; gemstone set in a half circle and gemstone set in full circle. The classic choice is, however, the fully set band as it best signifies the symbol of never-ending love.

While the round shape is the commonest choice for eternity rings, square or oblong are also considered to be an excellent choice because they can be set edge-to-edge in a continuous line. It is important to remember that the right ring size is necessary because once set, it becomes an expensive affair to resize it because it involves the use of small stones. Most of the full eternity bands are customized as they need to comply with a particular size. For this reason jewelers keep a small stock of full eternity bands.
Eternity band does not mean a simple band circled with your choice of diamonds. You have a range of setting styles under it too. You can opt for claw settings, bar settings, bezel settings, channel settings and even grain settings. They give a completely different look to your band and augment the look of your chosen stones further. Every woman has her own preferences in terms of style and designs and hence knowing her choice and getting something that will best reflect her personality is essential.

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