Sculpture Jewelry: The Future of Contemporary Design

Jewelers around the world use their imagination and inspiration to craft jewels in their ateliers that are rare and exquisite, to say the least. But like in the past eras, designing in this millennium is gradually cleaving into a certain trend, that experts are calling the modernist style. Out of that modernist cult of designing came out a distinct subsect called the sculpture jewelry. A band of designers stepped out of the traditionalist box to explore other similar trades that involve creativity to find ideas that can give their designs a spin like nothing the world has seen so far.

Architectural designs may not be the first thing that met their eyes, but they eventually found a parallel of their craft in it. Along came sculpture jewelry, a very specific style that involves designs inspired from historic and modern edifices. Just like the deconstructionist principle, the jewelry of this section has a touch of rebellious breakout from the stereotype. The jewelry in this section do not feature works of filigree and art deco details. Instead, sculpture jewelry are characterized by swings and sways that are a first in jewelry. Waves and curves dominate the designs, but not in the way of ornamental details that generally texture jewelry.

This new breed of jewelers went down a whole different road to make sure that the twist in their concepts spell heavily from their creations. The sculpture jewelry have a lot of linear lines and borders with plain polished surfaces, something that hooks the attention of the buyers easily. Quite abstract art, these pieces brandish a motif that is easily noticeable, not quite easily comprehensible. What makes it interesting is the fact that every design has concept behind it, and even though the pieces do not come with a description tag, that part is left open to the imagination of the buyers.

Sculpture jewelry is a relatively new category and that makes it still quite novel in the market. Though stores are already opening up to the idea of stocking up with their designs, it will take a while before they become ubiquitous enough. For now, some jewelers are trying to infuse the features of modernist jewelry in their own baubles and that sees a seamless amalgam of ideas new and old. If you are looking to pick something that is totally new in the market, then a sweeping glance through this section of the gallery may prove to be helpful.

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