Sculpture Jewelry for the Modern Woman

Modern women are not so much into the traditional jewelry as they are into sculpture and geometrical designs. Sculpture design is a newborn concept that has hardly been explored at this point. However, the few products that have found their way into the market have won the hearts of professionals and businesswomen who have taken a knack in the slim and slight. However, sculpture jewels are not to be confused with minimal ornaments. Sculpture jewels are often bold, and even fairly large. If these sound like nothing you have heard before, take a dive into an emerging genre of jewelry that is likely to rule the fashion industry in the foreseeable future.

Sculpture Jewelries for the Modern Woman

Rock Crystals for Gems
The obsession with massive rock crystals have grown large enough to skip anybody’s notice. That, like any other emerging trend is being sucked into sculpture designs to create wrist ornaments featuring rock-size crystals. Very fashionable and easy on budget, the use of rock crystals instead of gemstones is an inviting respite from the customary. Most modern women are not traditionalists when it comes to fashion and that is where the rock crystals have hit. It’s quite an ambitious project as most say, but rock crystal sculpture jewelry are being well received by a generation of the customers, so far.


Cuffs and Not Bangles
In sculpture jewelry, cuffs are the new bangles. Recently, designers around the world have donated a long lineup of sculpture cuffs to add to the accumulating collection. The chief features of these ornaments are block designs, use of out of the box materials like leather and designs that have very linear lines than curves. The line of lattice cuffs have particularly drawn the attention of the ladies. The openwork of the cuffs opens the options to adjust size for these pieces are supposed to cling to your arm than to slide back and forth like a bangle. Curvilinear loops with the use of rarely used stones like topaz and onyx make them pretty interesting.


Cubes Than Circles, Discs Than Diamonds
Geometric designs like cubes and discs dominate this genre. The designs have no filigree or nature inspired curves as is seen in traditional jewelry. Instead, these ornaments twirl away from the predictable into a completely untouched zone where imagination is the chief drive. Pearls are preferred over diamonds, as are quartz over emeralds. The designs are very straightforward, but inventive.

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