Some Easy Ways to Make Big Savings on Your Wedding Ring

No matter how transparent the pricing is, a buyer always wishes it to be a wee bit less. This is the truest in jewelry, but having no room for negotiation, buyers make the purchase with a bitter sigh. But, did you know there are ways to save big on your ring that does not involve haggling or settling for the least liked piece? Yes, there are some surprisingly easy ways to do that. Let’s take a look at how you can save a good deal on your wedding ring.

Buy Them Together
The way in which you can save a considerable sum of money from your purchase is buying the rings together. This may require you to propose with a mock ring unless of course you know her answer, but if you can manage to buy the engagement and the wedding rings together, then your dealer is likely to cut you a good deal. Retailers often undercut orders like this to make the sale happen. Even though the number of buyers is always gigantic, retailers too are eager to finish each sale successfully. So, they usually sweeten big orders with a competitive price.

The Carat Trick
One less-known trick that a seller would never tell you about is to buy by carat. Never choose a stone which is exactly a carat or a half carat on the market. Instead select a buy which is just a digit or two smaller than a carat or a half. That cent can increase the price disproportionately. So, to be on the safe side, always go for carat sizes slightly lesser than the full mark. It keeps the price relatively low.

Go Halo
Halo because it makes small gems look big without inflating the price unreasonable. A halo style features a stone at the center that is encased by a ring of stones, created to give the center stone a much bigger appearance. Halo styled rings not only look gorgeous, but they save their buyers about 15% of their money.

Online Always
If saving big is a priority, then stick to online sellers. Most land-based buyers now have their own websites. Apart from that, there are sellers to whom are wholly Internet-based. With them, the prices are surprisingly lower than any land-based showroom will ever offer you. Buying through them is the most obvious money-saving trick available to a buyer.

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