Sapphires for Promise Rings

Sapphires as gemstones might not be as popular as diamonds and emeralds, but are quite central to the gemstone scene. These dazzling, translucent, colored gems make for a prize for the eyes. Aside adding visual brilliance to jewelry, they also add value. So, if you are thinking of surprising the object of your affection with a promise ring on her birthday, your anniversary or on any such occasion, then consider sapphires. They are expensive looking, but not quite. They will cost you less than diamonds, but will offer the same sparkle and style.

Here are five reasons why you might want to put a sapphire on a promise ring.

Sapphires Are One of the Hardest Gems There Is
Sapphires, like diamonds are hard gems. They are durable, and putting them on a promise ring weighs symbolically. They are resistant to heavy wear and tear, which means it is a wear-on gem. You don’t have to worry about a sapphire losing its radiance or color from regular exposure to moisture. It works through all that preserving its luster.

Sapphires, the Mark of Royalty
Diamonds might be the status symbol of celebrities, but sapphires are not far behind. This gemstone has adorned the heads and hands of royal families for centuries. Remember, Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring or Queen Elizabeth II’s sapphire tiara? A pretty good case can be made with similar examples. So, sapphires are classy, and I guess that is already established through the aristocrats’ choice of sapphire for their fine jewelry.

Abundance of Colors
The best thing about sapphires is that they come in an assortment of colors. Yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, you name it. These striking, sparkling gems pair beautifully with one another, as they do with other stones, diamonds included. In pink itself, sapphires have many shades like millennial pink, salmon, etc. And if you are looking for something unique, look up padparadscha sapphires.

Worry Less on the Carat
Perhaps the best thing about sapphires is that they come for a reasonable price. That means you can pick a chunky stone for very little expense. However, resist picking a stone too large to be mistaken for an engagement ring. You don’t want that disaster to happen. Choose wisely.
So, go bigger and bolder with sapphires, when crafting a promise ring for your lovely lady.

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