Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: A Never-ending Journey of Fascination

Undoubtedly ‘the’ most popular and researched diamond shape, round brilliant cut diamond represents approximately 75% of the diamonds sold globally. Thanks to the mechanics of this precise silhouette and cut, a round brilliant is considered superior to different fancy diamond shapes for flawlessly reflecting light and maximizing potential brilliance. A round diamond is versatile and gives you complete flexibility in terms of alternating cut, color, and clarity grades without compromising on the brilliance and fire you look for.

Complex and Outstanding Cut for Intense Luminosity

Extensive research has gone into finding and applying the advanced science of light behavior with complex mathematical calculations in optimizing the brilliance and fire in a round brilliant diamond. Representing the collective talent and know-how of generations of skilled diamond cutters and evolving technologies, the sparkling round brilliant is an outcome of evolution in diamond cutting.

Almost all round diamonds are brilliant cut, meaning they have either 58 facets or 57 facets when there is no culet. The brilliant cut is a specific style with a circular face-up outline, and precise sizes of table, crown height, culet, total depth, girdle, pavilion, and length of lower half and upper half facets. Perfect arrangement and proper proportions of the facets determine the ideal balance or dispersion, scintillation, and brilliance in a round diamond.

If you are buying loose round brilliant cut diamonds, following the cut-grading guidelines and diamond certification by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is recommended. The GIA designations for round brilliant cut diamonds are extensive, stringent, and widely accepted.

Value for Money

Round brilliant cut diamonds cost more than fancy shapes on a ‘per carat’ basis. The two key reasons behind this trend are – the demand is extremely high and the yield of round brilliant diamond is relatively low. As most of the rough stone usually gets lost in the cutting process, the cost of each retained carat is higher. A typical round brilliant cut diamond (for instance, a 1.00 carat, VS2-clarity, F-color, Ex cut) may cost as much as 25-35% higher than any similar fancy shape. However, two one-carat round brilliant diamonds can also vary widely in the cost when color, cut, and clarity are taken into consideration.

Measuring a diamonds beauty and brilliance is possible by understanding some key concerns. The precision of cut, flawlessly proportioned cuts and the high polish grade of the diamond ensure that the stone’s splendor is never compromised.

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