Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are Magnificent and Classy


Unquestionably, one of the traditional and most popular choices for an engagement ring, the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is admired around the world as much for its exquisiteness as for the stunning optics. The popularity has been experiencing a steady surge over the last decades. Almost 80% of all loose diamonds traded in the market are round brilliant cut diamonds. The singularly most spectacular diamond is available in a wide diversity of cut styles, including Swiss Cut with 34 facets, Single Cut with 18 facets, and Modern Round Brilliant Cut with an astounding total of 58 facets featuring 33 facets on top of the diamond or the crown, and 25 on the bottom or pavilion.

Who is the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring ideal for?
The glorious round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is perfect for someone who prefers something classic, traditionally elegant, yet truly timeless. It is also ideal for someone who wants a diamond that sparkles magnificently, as the round brilliant cut offers matchless dispersion and refraction. Furthermore, the round cut diamond is remarkably versatile and looks equally radiant in numerous settings such as prong, pavé, bezel, and channel setting. It beautifully complements multiple center stone and shank settings to eventually craft a ring with specific precision and is breathtakingly beautiful.

The majestic brilliance of a round brilliant engagement ring
Over a century, expert diamond cutters have invented and used sophisticated theories of light behaviors and mathematical calculations to effectively optimize and maximize the fire and brilliance within a round diamond. Thanks to their ongoing and pioneering research, today’s round brilliant cut diamond presents unparalleled brilliance and fire with its precise facets and that too without cutting away large amounts of the rough diamond.

This precious and dazzling piece of diamond provides abundant brilliance. To best showcase the radiance, a four-prong, solitaire setting is ideal in a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.

When it comes to variety of designs, a round brilliant cut diamond offers a wide and fascinating assortment. Ranging from antique traditional, eternal favorite solitaire, modern minimalist, three or more stones to multitude of settings including plain metal shank to intricate pavé or micropavé diamond shanks.

If you want to choose something exceptional that goes beyond common showcased designs, a custom engagement ring matching your beloved’s preferences is the perfect alternative.

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