Rough Diamond Jewelry Leading the Way This Year

2016 saw the emergence of inverted diamond jewelry and the revival of cabochon gem baubles. This year however its turn for something fresh and novel. Along came rough diamond jewelry. Though these pieces have not fanned out across store displays like solitaires and hoops, they are on the way to claim a pretty central place in fashion jewelry this year. Rough diamond jewelry have already gotten a mass of selective buyers talking with interest. As the whole of the world watches in amazement, these incredibly beautiful pieces stride into fame this year.

Inverted Rough Diamond Rings
Inverted diamond rings are already high in fashion. Introduced by designer houses of high label, these rings became one of the trend setting artifacts of last year. They have returned, but with a twist. Instead of using cut, treated and polished diamonds, the designers are now giving uncut diamonds a change. The experiment turned out responses that exceeded expectations, and from the looks of it, the most significant prophesies in fashion this year is the production of more of these rings. With the culet jutting out of the boundaries, this style is a spectacular materialization of imagination.

Angular Rough Diamond Tungsten Ring
While some rough diamonds are roughly chipped to shape to suit the design, like the first one, there are others that are plain extracted from a bigger rock and placed in the jewelry. This one falls in the latter category. The diamond used in this ring is completely rough, and may even look like a raw piece of alum from a distance. However, the metal chosen to encase this incredibly sparkling piece of mineral is tungsten. To preserve the rough essence of the ring, the band used to assemble the ring is hand beaten with a low polish finish.

Long Gemmed Uncut Diamond Stud
You may already have a pair of diamond studs but that’s no excuse to not buy another pair. These studs, though use diamonds, which are quite different from the regular stud styled earrings. They are long, but not too elaborate. The rough diamond gemmed ear studs have a top from which hangs a little tail that ends in a diamond. The first diamond which is the largest in size is connected to the following two by line links. The diamond at the bottom is the smallest. These earrings go with pretty much anything, from a classic black dress to a long, flimsy gown.

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