Rose Gold, a Mainstay in Vintage-Inspired Rings

If you are an antique jewelry person who’s wondering what’s going on in the vintage-inspired section, then the answer is rose gold. A particularly prominent metal in antique-inspired rings, rose gold is literally everywhere. A staple in contemporary jewelry, it is also a popular choice of metal in the section which is inspired by estate and antique jewelry. If you are into rose gold or vintage rings, then you might be interested to learn more about this phenomenon that has captured the market and the hearts of the mass.

Why Is Rose Gold a Preferred Metal in The Vintage Look-Alike Section?
So what is it about rose gold that makes it a favorable choice in this particular section of rings? Many before you have asked this question, and the answer has been the same then as it is now. The color of the metal has an antique feel to it. The redness of the gold is what gives out an old vibe which can be used to the advantage of giving ornaments a rather aged look. Jewelers have found the color surprisingly complimentary to designs that were once in trend. So, it is basically the vintage-like look of the metal which makes it an easy choice for this section.

Have the Vintage Designs Anything to Do with the Metal?
Jewelers who have done considerable research on rose gold and its appropriateness as a material for vintage-inspired metals have admitted that intricate details find better fruition when carved in rose gold. Whether it’s a perception or a fact remains to be seen. However, so far, vintage-inspired rings curved in rose gold have been loved by one and all. The works of scrolls, filigree and such ornaments have been neatly captured in the rose gold metal.

14K or 18K Rose Gold
If you are looking to buy ornaments in rose gold, consider buying 18K rose gold. It’s fainter than 14K sure, but it makes a better investment. In that, it is higher in terms of purity and has a lovely pinkish golden tinge which is the trademark of rose gold. 18K rose gold is soft enough to work with even for gemstone setting and such intricate things. As much cheaper as the 14K variety is, it is less pure and pinker. Some people like their rings pinker and it is only for them that a 14K rose gold ornament is a fitting purchase.

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