Rose Gold- The Language of Modern Romance

Gold is always going to be in style, of that you can be sure. Right now, the market is going crazy for this new kind of gold which wears a pink blush and is the chosen metal for jewelry of romance. From engagement rings to bridal jewelry, pink gold is everywhere in the romantic jewelry section. Lovers of today are so partial towards this refreshing new variant of gold that rose gold has been recognized as the new age lovers’ language. Aesthetically, rose gold is lovely. With a mild bling which is redolent of yellow gold and a pink blush which is a faint reminder of copper, this new kind of gold is taking the world by storm.

Rose Gold- The Language of Modern Romance

Rose Gold in Solitaires
Currently, rose gold is a staple in solitaires. A metal that matches with most stones for its delicate color, rose gold solitaire rings are highly in vogue at this point. Paired popularly with white diamonds, rose gold solitaires is one of the hottest picks in engagement rings at this moment. Aside from white diamonds, the metal works great with lush green emeralds, inky blue sapphires and some colors of diamonds.

Rose Gold in Infinity Bands
Infinity band is another style where rose gold is sighted very often. Easily likeable, infinity bands only get better when curved in pink gold and sprinkled generously with diamonds. Like solitaires, rose gold infinity bands too can be customized with one’s choice of gemstones. While assorted gems are uncommon, mixing of two stones is fairly common. Infinity bands normally use several pave size gemstones instead of one big chunk of mineral. That brings the cost down by a good margin. To top that, rose gold which is not available over 18K costs lesser than 22K gold. So together, they help keep the price in check why enhancing the aesthetics of infinity bands.

Rose Gold in Halo Engagement Rings
Halo style engagement rings are always hot in the market. Those curved with rose gold are particularly popular among buyers who are looking to buy something classic with a touch of modern. The blush of pink gold has a vintage vibe which when coupled with the antique halo design creates a classic look which is rare to achieve in other variants of gold. So, if classic is your thing, then a rose gold halo engagement ring is something that might spark up your interest.

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