Rose Gold Jewelry

There is a massive market that has grown around rose gold jewelry. For what it’s worth, it’s not really news. Rose gold has been trending since 2014, and four years later, it has gained an upper hand among a section of the customer base, often giving platinum and yellow gold a tough competition. The reason why rose gold came up as a popular choice of metal among the young buyers is its blush color. Gold as we know it occurs in its lovely golden color. This pink blush variety of gold made possible a difference that not many buyers expected. That took them by surprise, and they followed suit.

Origin of Rose Gold
Quite interestingly, rose gold is not a new thing in the market. This variety of gold has been around since the later part of the 19th century. It never received as much attention or interest because yellow gold was ruling at that point. With the turn of this millennium, young generation buyers started to express their interest in trying new things in jewelry. It made perfect sense for the sellers to recall this already available variety of gold to see if it can hook the buyers’ attention. The outcome was a great success. Today’s rose gold is a lot more refined than that in the past centuries. The manufacturers have worked adequately on the color, turning it into a beautiful virgin shade of pink that is nothing, if not pretty.

The Contemporary Version of Rose Gold
At this point, rose gold is the most favored choice of precious metals in summer and spring jewelry. This variety of gold dominates the fresh arrivals of the seasons of summer and spring, and that has shaped into a trend since 2014. Buyers around the world look forward to the launch of new rose gold jewelry during these fashion seasons. With the passage of time, rose gold jewelry have been embraced by buyers of higher age groups too. With the coppery tint of the gold toned down by the manufacturers, the metal now holds the perfect rosy color that complements all complexions and styles.

As many of you may know already, prim rose is not the natural color of gold. The beautiful rosy color is achieved through a mix of alloys that lend a soft pinkish color and glow. That’s why; rose gold ornaments are normally less than 22K.

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