Rose Gold, a Trend at This Time

Rose gold is the second most popular metal in jewelry this year, and has been on top since the past two years. In engagement rings, in vintage-inspired collections and in everyday baubles, pink gold is literally everywhere. When gold and silver does little to color up jewelry, the rose gold metal livens things up with a little blush that not only pops out on its own, but also makes gems look brighter and more colorful from their rosy contour. If you are a fan of rose gold yourself or looking to try it for the first time, read on to learn more about the metal and the ongoing trend surrounding it.

Rose Gold, a Trend at This Time

How Is Rose Gold Made?
Rose gold is made by mixing gold with an alloy made from copper and silver. If you make a side by side comparison of pure gold and rose gold, you will notice a remarkable difference in their color. That’s because unlike pure gold, rose gold carries other metals. Although gold even in its purest form is 99.99% gold, rose and white golds are far from that kind of purity. The rosy color is achieved by punching gold with copper which lends it the reddish tinge. Silver helps dial down the yellow of the gold and the red from the copper achieving a medium rosy tone.

Rose Gold Jewelry Trending Now
Rose gold jewelry is everywhere these days. Rose gold items are ubiquitous in engagement rings and wedding rings. They are there in statement necklaces and even workday wear. Rose gold and geometric designs are the new combination that working women are loving. If you are trying rose gold for the first time, get a dainty pendant or a pair of studs to get started. Once you start to love the blush, you can move on to bigger items like necklaces and bracelets. For those who are naturally inclined towards rose gold and already have a collection of rose gold jewelry, look into the vintage-inspired or contemporary sections. You may find something else you like.

Rose Gold and Antique-Like Jewelry
The connection between rose gold and antique-inspired jewelry is not exactly a new one. Rose gold has been around for a long time and the idea of using it in vintage-inspired jewelry comes straight from the vintage-inspired pink gold jewelry. The copper color lends an antique look and feel to the jewelry which yellow or white gold fail to achieve.

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