Rose Cut Diamonds-The Queen of Unusual Cuts

Rose Cut Diamonds-The Queen of Unusual Cuts
Image above is not a rose cut diamond.

Rose cut diamonds have been around for a while now, but people didn’t start taking interest in the cut until 2012 when Jennifer Aniston waved at the world wearing a spectacular sparkler the size of a rock cut in rose shape announcing her engagement to Justin Theroux. After oval, pear and cushion cut, rose cut diamonds became the obsession of women across the world who identified the unique aesthetics of the stone almost instantly. Once the least-known cuts in gemstones now became the desire of all, such is the impact of Hollywood.

Rose Cut Diamonds-A Closer Look
The rose cut got its name from the flower which the cut resembles. With a flat base at the bottom, the crown of the cut features of faceted dome. An essentially vintage cut, a stone cut into rose shape can have anywhere between 3 to 24 facets. With the number of stones come a slight variation too apparent to escape notice. Thus, the stones take a different look as the number of facets went up from 3 to 24.

The Antique Version
The antique version of the cut which is the original version dates back to the early 16th century. However, the cut died a silent death due to lack of popularity. The cut was resurrected in the 20th century when celebrities started to take an active interest in rare antique cuts. Someone stumbled upon this and it went up as an instant success. However, the early version of the stone wasn’t as polished as we know it today. The sophisticated techniques and instruments left at our disposal have led to the refinement of the cut. Cutters have added intricacies into the cut as they saw fit making it a lot more complex and much more brilliant compared to its earlier versions.

The Revival
The revival of the rose cut diamonds came at the heels of the return of cushion-cut stones. It marked an era of vintage cuts. With people showing a taste in vintage cuts, the cutters dived into comparing old cuts like the Old European and Old Mine to create something unique and dazzling as the rose cut of today. The seemingly simple cut, the glassy appearance and the dramatic sparkle together made the cut a huge success in the market. Rose cut became a popular one among celebs and commoners alike since. Guess we all have something to thank Aniston for.

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