Romantic Ring Designs That Profess Everlasting Love

You may have seen a bunch of spectacular rings in the engagement ring gallery that nearly stopped your breath, but how about a design that spells romance. Although everything beautiful has an element of romance in it, it is only seldom that a ring design directly embraces the romantic factor in its design. If you have sensed this too, then you are in luck. Very recently, a galore of rings have landed in the market that are designed exclusively to exude the romantic feel. Love rings they are called. The designs of these rings have a curiously romantic bent to them. With roots in vintage and heads in modern, these rings have a poised union of romance and beauty.

Romantic Ring Designs That Profess Everlasting Love

The inspirations of these designs lie in the craftsmanship of yesteryears. Early on, the designers curved out designs borrowing inspirations from nature itself. Resultantly, the designs were closed to nature and by extension, romantic in essence than that of today. Geometrical shapes were nowhere to be seen until the Art Deco era. These rings that feature eternity bands, lacy metalwork, scalloped silhouettes, cathedral settings, curvy lines and such features bring together the romantic beauty of antique rings with a modern spin.

The cuts of stones used in these rings are also significant to the final design output. Designers are very selective of the gemstone cuts included in the designs. Contrary to most expectations, these rings bend more towards untraditional and sometimes vintage-looking cuts than the more popular brilliant cuts. So, oval, Marquise, pear and cushion cuts are more commonly used to shape gemstones that go into these rings than round brilliant and princess. The selection and omission are both decidedly done and the final result stand to testify the intent of the designer.

The designs of these rings are heavy on romantic elements, but how? Some features that the bands carry explore feminine qualities that are arguably romantic in nature. Accenting, bezel setting, delicate details, scalloped bands, etc. spell nothing but romantic in its raw magnetism. The rings, with their design, declare that love is infinite and that the man and woman bound together by such love will continue to be one forever. Sometimes, diamonds are added to weigh in the message of forever love in the rings. However, don’t be fooled by the delicateness of the designs. The rings are very sturdy and practical.

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