Romantic Loose Stones


If there’s an important someone in your life, perhaps you’d like to give them a gift reflecting how much they mean to you. Diamond jewelry comes to mind, but finding the right piece, the one that best expresses your feelings, can be a challenge. Heart shaped loose diamonds may help you with your search.

Hearts are a symbol of love, and loose diamonds can be enjoyed as is, as well as be placed in customized jewelry. Collaborating with customers is our specialty, as is providing certified diamonds. We at will help you the best we can with heart shaped loose diamonds.

All kinds of diamond cuts have fascinated people for centuries. Oval shaped diamonds were favorites back in the day as well as the present. Our eyes appear to be drawn to and calmed by oval shapes. Perhaps it’s because our planet orbits the sun in an oval-shaped path.

Oval cut diamond jewelry is often showy as the shape of the gem lends itself to higher carat stones. There are still some basic things to keep in mind when you go to shop for your diamonds. First and foremost, you have to decide what type of stone you want in your jewelry, its quality, color, cost and other factors. Keep in mind your budget and the style of jewelry its recipient will love.

Oval shape diamonds are just one of many available styles. What kind of diamond jewelry does the person you are buying for already own? What additional pieces would look good with their current wardrobe? Does this person have any family or friends who could offer suggestions to help you? If you keep these things in mind, they will lead your heart in the right direction.

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