Romantic Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings represent the love two people have for one another. Their feelings underscored by many symbols, such as the hardness of the diamond highlighting the strength of the couple’s bond. Another is wearing the engagement ring on a finger once believed to possess a vein that ran directly to the heart. Some couples want even more signs of how deeply in love they are. Diamond heart engagement rings fulfill this desire.

Heart shaped diamonds take great skill to cut. The tip needs to be pointed, the wings lightly curved, and the overall shape should be symmetrical. Along with keeping aesthetically pleasing proportions, heart diamonds should be brilliant, reflecting white and colored light through its crown. The thought and care that goes into cutting heart shaped diamonds is a reflection of the love and consideration each person brings into the relationship.

When buying a diamond heart engagement ring, be choosy about the jewel’s mount. Heart diamonds have girdles which may be quite thin in places and the tip is also vulnerable to damage. Make sure your diamond is placed in a secure setting with the point encased in a V prong to protect it from bumps. Diamond heart engagement rings are powerful representation of emotion. A secure setting will help keep it pristine.


The settings on your ring

A common way to mount diamonds onto designer engagement rings is placing the stones onto the band, keeping them secure with a series of wires known as prongs. Prong settings are popular due to the design allowing extra light into diamonds. Variations on prong mounts include the number of wires used to hold a stone in place and the style of prongs used on a jewel. Prong settings are as popular on multi stone rings as on solitaire diamond engagement rings.


Bezel settings

use a strip of metal to surround the entire girdle, holding the diamond in place. This band is soldered to the band. The gemstone is placed into the prepared bezel, and its rim is bent over the jewel, holding it in place. While this mount may not allow in as much light as other styles, it helps to keep a diamond’s girdle safe. Bezels also serve a decorative purpose, using its luster to highlight the diamonds on a ring.


Channel sets

hold many diamonds at once. A groove is shaped into the base of the ring. Loose diamonds are placed in a row inside the hollow, and the edges of the metal are bent into place. The rim combined with the snug fit of the diamonds holds everything in place. Channel set round brilliant cut diamonds provide a mix of light and shadow while princess cut diamonds provide streamlined design.


Pave settings

are often used in combination with other mounts. This style places many tiny diamonds close together, held in place with discreet prongs. The overall effect is a ring that appears to be covered in jewels. Pave settings brighten the larger stones on a designer engagement ring as well as the precious metal.


Why A Designer Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings by tradition are worn every day until the wedding. Even then, they may be worn alongside the wedding band. It’s important that it comes in a design that its owner never tires of seeing. For some it may be a timeless style beloved for decades. Others may seek an unusual ring that turns heads. No matter the person’s tastes, designer engagement rings are an ideal choice.

Jewelry designers have years of training and experience on how to make beautiful diamond engagement rings. In order to catch the eyes of clients, they innovate and come up with ring styles sure to catch attention. They also know what it takes to make a ring secure and long lasting, making it durable as well as pretty.

Popular engagement ring styles include a single round brilliant cut diamond mounted with four or six prongs, or three diamonds to represent a couple’s past, present and future. People who want something more unusual often turn to princess cut diamond rings or heart engagement rings. Most diamond engagement rings are set with yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

A number of companies encourage their clients to customize the diamond engagement ring of their dreams. Some have features on their websites that offer connoisseurs the ability to create their own engagement rings, selecting the exact diamond by cut, carat, clarity and color, the type of setting, and even embellishments for the band. No detail is overlooked for the connoisseur’s ideal designer engagement ring.

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