The Rise of Colored Gemstones in 2016


The phenomenon of colored gemstones taking over the market is past its news stage. The pronounced effect of it can be noticed in the recently designed gemstone inclusive jewelry. The display windows of jewelry galleries no longer hosts achromatic diamonds, but bouquets of bright colors. This new wave is not a day’s event. Colored gemstones were pacing forward at a steady speed for the last 10 years, and at the fag end of the diamond reign, they subsumed colorless diamonds. The most popular stones that year have already been rated and here are the top 5 gems that are sighted and sold the most in 2016.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline in terms of colors is an eye candy. Occurring in the nature in varying shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, watermelon, purple, red and black, this stone tops the chart this year. Tourmalines have a bi-color variety in which two tones co-exist within one piece of stone. In another, the stone changes color from green to red over the course of a day.

Sapphire: Like tourmaline, sapphires too come in a bounty of colors. Known as the stone of the rich and famous, this gem in all the colors of yellow, green, pink, purple, white and black is rare and luxuriant. The pinkish-orange or padparadscha variety is the rarest of all. They occur in small numbers and are the first to be sold off.

Topaz: Blue in its many beautiful shades dominate the varieties of topaz. If you are in love with blue gemstones, then you can skip the slightly costlier sapphire and look at the ones in topaz. Blue topaz is loved for its mirror-like clarity, luster and brilliance. Available in both substantive sizes as well as tiny fractions, topaz is the most reasonably priced stone on this list.

Amethyst: The first thing to notice about amethysts is their sizes. Coming in a great many shades of purple, Amethysts are loved because of three reasons, their color, their association with the church and the royalty. The Siberian blue Amethyst is the costliest of all.

Spinel: Spinel that holds the 5th place this year was one among the top 5 best sellers in 2011. Spinel is often compared with sapphire on the points of luster and brilliance. Occurring naturally in red, orange, purple, blue and pink, the stone is rarer than ruby. It’s likeness to ruby has got hundreds of people mistaking the spinel deceptively named “The Black Prince’s Ruby” in the British Crown jewel collection for a ruby.

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