Ring Stacks- The New Obsession of Brides Worldwide

If you are wondering what’s new in the bridal side of fashion, then take a note of this new trend that is taking the world of bridal jewelry by storm. Ring stacks is the newest obsession of brides around the world. The trendiest thing you will find right now on Instagram, bridal ring stacking is a fashion fever that is upending all other ring fashion that we have known so far in the wedding region. The idea is pretty simplistic and yet creative. It involves stacking a mixed variety of bands and rings together.

Play with the Styles
Now that may seem like doing a bit too much at first, but stacking rings has a curious everyday flair that gorgeous solitaires and halo rings do not have. But all the same, it has a certain charm of its own which is equal to the job of adding a flourish to the whole bridal attire. The best thing about this awe-inspiring trend is that it can be stylized just the way you like it.

Possibilities to Explore
Here are some ideas to get style up your creativity. Mix metals, gems and band styles to ship up cool and trendy to gorgeous and bold to understated and chic combinations. Gold with silver, or platinum with rose gold, the possibilities are endless. To throw in something more interesting into the mix, combine bands of various breath. Broad bands with skinny ones, or slim ones with split shank ones, the beauty of stacking is that anything can be made to go with anything. Even if you do not have some stackable bands at hand, you can still fashion ring stacks using solitaires, halos and other styles of rings.

Ring Stacks with Solitaires
In case of solitaires, stacking produces the best effect when the rings are spaced out by the knuckles. To let every ring enjoy their share of limelight, separate them from one another making use of your finger joints to create a reasonable gap in between. In that case, the rings may come up all the way to the second knuckle and that looks very fancy. However, if you are wearing rings up to the second fold of your finger, make sure to get the rings in the right size so that they stay fitted on the upper part of the finger without moving too much.

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