Ring Engravings: Special Gems and Metals

An engraved ring is a very special thing. It endows a ring with a very personal element. Engraving is a very popular style of customization of today. Done on most engravable metals, it is the most beloved personalizing technique for engagement rings. Apart from engagement rings, anniversary rings, promise rings and sundry others too are engraved by the buyers. If you are thinking of getting a ring engraved, then here is some information that can be of value to the decision. So, without further ado, let’s start learning more about engravings.

Ring Engravings: Special Gems and Metals

Engraving and Metals
Engraving is done on all the three prime precious metals, namely gold, silver and platinum. While all these three metals have been seamlessly engraved for customization, the same technique is useless in other jewelry metals, especially those with a rough surface. To engrave metals with coarse surfaces is nearly impossible. The rough texture gets in the way of the needle which is used to engrave. Another thing that competes with this technique is plating. Not all plated jewelry are unsuitable for engraving. While most plated pieces engrave easily and smoothly, there are some that don’t. Some of the best engraved finishing are seen on high-quality plating. The finishing of engraving suffers when the plating is poor quality. In such cases, engraving can crack or damage the plating badly.

Gemstone Engravings
Most jewelry are sold ready to engrave. You can place an engraving request during or after the purchase. Gemstones, like metals, too can be engraved. GIA or the Gemological Institute of America does gemstone engravings, whereas metals can be done at a dedicated engraver or at other jewelers’. A gemstone or metal engraving of any sort is a foolproof identifier of a gem or jewelry, in an event where it is stolen or lost.

If you are not partial to any specific idea then feel free to explore. Metal engraving is quite commonplace, not that it makes it any less special. But if you are not particularly taken with the idea of inscribing a personal message in the ring band, then consider engraving it in the stone. The GIA does a fine job in laser engraving diamonds. They use laser beam to inscribe microscopic graphics and messages on diamonds. That gives a ring a special missive privy only to one, a little surprise for her eyes only. Romantic lyrics like “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “To the moon and back” make lovely jewelry inscriptions too.

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