Some Right Hand Rings That Are Beyond Resisting

Buyers prefer specificity when it comes to purchasing a commodity, and when it’s a diamond ring, they prefer to stay closer to the purpose. The market is swamped with options, categorized into diamond rings, solitaire rings, dress rings, cluster rings, vintage rings and even right hand rings. The jewelers in recent times have taken to design rings specifically for left and right hands. As understood from the popular tastes, people like their left hand rings to be a lot simpler and delicate. For their right hands, they prefer more gorgeous and bolder pieces. Take a look at these right hand rings that are literally crowning the market now.

The Stackable Ariel Band
This one is very fashionable, partly because it is light and simple. Sellers recommend stacking it to make up for the rather slight built. This one is a matt finish band with a marquise diamond set at the center. The center stone is offset by a silhouette that mimics the Marquise shape. At its two corners, the case holds two smaller stones. The product is available in 18k rose gold too. Wear three of these to create a thick stack with lots of diamonds in between.

The Enchantress Ring
The name is not an overstatement that you would know when you read more. The ring displays a line of perfectly curved ups and downs that form the mainframe. The twists are inlaid with round cut diamonds. While that sounds pretty simple, the jewelers have made up for it by adding smaller and bigger diamonds in the crevices, making it a lot more gorgeous. The ring displays pear shapes in between its waves that give the lines a bit of sharpness. The smaller stones on the sides are secured in bezel settings which is different from the channel setting in the waves.

The Four Row Ring
If you want something on the heavier side, then this classic piece is worth a look. Crafted solely for the right hand, this ring embodies four sparkling rows of round cut diamonds. Carrying a total of 1.65 carats of colorless diamond, the ring is charming at the very first glance. It has a stackable look to it because of the four rows. Just putting this one on is sufficient for one hand. You can leave the rest of the hand bare to let the sparkle do the talking.

Cosmic Ring
If you always like little stars in all your ornaments, then this will totally have you fall in love with stars all over again. This triple cosmic band is crafted with six asymmetrical stars linked by loops. The stars are set with round-cut diamonds of random sizes. Shaped in platinum, this one comes in 18 k white gold too.

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