Revitalizing Old Jewelry

One way of bringing old, out-of-fashion jewelry back to life is revitalizing them. Now revitalizing jewelry is a word that’s heavy on its extensiveness. People use it to refer to remodeling and refashioning of jewelry as much as re-imaging and restringing them. So, for pretty much any of these you want to do to your chosen baubles, you can look for revitalizing services. Holding on to the repair connotation of the term, let’s talk a little about the ways in which you can get your old jewelry revitalized back to their new forms.

Restringing of Necklaces
I’m guessing every one of you has at least one necklace that has snapped from usage or accident. Pearl necklaces are the worst when it comes to snapping incidents. If the string breaks while you are wearing it, odds are many of those precious pearls will be lost from the fall and scatter. However, you are lucky if it happens at home and you do not have pets around, and pushing it a little further, a hardwood floor. As for gold, platinum and silver necklaces, they break too, and that makes losing them more probable. Jewelers staple these broken neckpieces together with a wielding act. As for those that are strung, they weave it again. So, if you are still holding on to a broken necklace, it’s time to get them back in one piece.

Restoration of Missing Gems
Another problem that plagues users is the conundrum of missing gems. Cluster jewelry are worst when it comes to this. From years of use and cleaning, the prongs start to wear out and weaken, thereby letting the gem slip out one fine day. The more number of stones there are in a piece of jewelry, the greater are the risks. However, that’s no reason to retract from buying these fascinating pieces. Besides, it doesn’t happen as often one thinks. So, for a once in a blue moon mishap as this, there are ways of undoing. Take the piece to your seller or any jeweler. Upon finding a gem that can replace the missing piece with great accuracy, they put it back in place, while re-strengthening the setting.

Two from One or Vice Versa
You can also take a couple of your unworn jewelry pieces and get the gold used in designing a new piece. To get a bigger piece made, use a couple or more of your unused jewelry and save a lot of money.

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