Refreshing Your Rings at Home

Thinking of getting your rings polished from a jeweler? Why waste the money when you can do it yourself at home, for almost no cost? Yes, you can buff your rings up at home and see the lost shine return like when you saw them the first time. How to do that? It involves absolutely no science or chemistry. You can freshen you rings up at home in no time with just a few single ingredients and an equally straightforward method. Let’s take a look at what and how.

Refreshing Your Rings at Home

Refresh Them Up
How to do that? Well, a simple solution of water and baking soda is all you need for the cleaning. Mix it up and dunk your rings in it. Keep them there for about a minute and give the bands a good rub. Now reach out the setting side of your rings and with the help of soaked cloth rub them lightly. Rinse them under tap water and wipe them dry with a clean, soft tea towel. That gets your rings clean as a whistle.

Deeper Cleaner
If that’s not enough and your rings look like they could use a deeper cleaning, then grab your dishwashing detergent. Squeeze out a bit on a toothbrush and give the rings a scrub. Wash them till every last bubble of soap washes out. Wipe them dry and your rings will have no trace of dirt on them.

Up the Shine
So you want to get the shine back on your rings? That’s possible too, and with no high-end polish agent. Toothpastes can do the job fine, and for a greater results, use them on an old discarded toothbrush. With a little toothpaste on your toothbrush, give the rings a gentle brush. This will give your rings an instant minty brilliance. It’s a great little trick to bring back the brand new luster in your rings.

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