Recommended Ring Settings for Pear Cut Diamonds


Pear cut diamonds are a beautiful blend of the marquise shaped diamonds and the traditional round brilliant cut diamonds. Otherwise known as the ‘teardrop diamond’, the pear shaped diamond’s uniqueness lies in its very shape and in their timeless elegance. They are a beautiful alternative to the round brilliant cut diamonds or the traditional princess cut. Though the pear cut diamonds may not be as popular as them yet, they make a style statement like no other. You may be the only one sporting a beautiful piece of jewelry with a pear cut diamond. The fiery combination calls for a lot of amazing sparkle and flash and renders an air of sophistication to any type of ring settings. The cut fuses well with a variety of settings and can even be used as side stones.

You may be a possessor of some pear shaped loose diamonds and now wish to get it set in a ring. Or maybe you are looking for all the possible ring settings for pear cut diamond. The good news is, pear cut diamond is a versatile piece and can be set in myriads of beautiful ways. If you wish to go for a pear cut engagement ring, you have stunning options to choose your ring setting from. Let us take a look at them:

  • Given the fact that pear cut diamond has an exceptional fire, a prong setting is deemed the most ideal way to bring out the best in a pear cut diamond. The prong setting allows the maximum amount of light to reach and refract from within the stone. Moreover the pointed end of the diamond being a fragile part, it is essential that the area is shielded by a prong. Though two or three prongs are enough, six prongs are an ideal way to give it maximum security. A simple solitaire is considered the best choice when it comes to setting a pear cut diamond because it not only reveals the unique shape in all its beauty but also throws much light on the fire and brilliance. If you wish to go for an added sparkle, you can ornate the two sides of the band with diamond accents and other elegant details.
  • If you wish to go for something more modern, you can think of the bezel setting. In a bezel setting, a solid strip of metal is made to encircle the diamond and this paves the way for the maximum security. This streamlined setting will give your ring a unique touch.
  • Apart from the solitaire and bezel settings, the halo setting is yet another endearing option. A gorgeous halo of diamond accents when made to surround the center pear cut stone will create a breathtaking and sparkling piece. For that extra bling, you can even get the band adorned with small diamonds.
  • Other options can be more or less a combination of the above settings. You can opt for a solitaire setting and blend it with a strand of diamonds entwined or go for an antique-style, engraved patterns on the band. A twisted band in a simple four prong, solitaire setting is also an incredible option and makes for an ideal engagement ring. You can also think of blending two metals like the rose gold and white gold and create an enchanting halo diamond ring with the sides accentuated with stones. The options are varied and you can even opt for customization with your pear loose diamonds and bring alive your dream ring.

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