Reasons Why Handcrafted Jewelry Are So Expensive

Reasons Why Handcrafted Jewelry Are So ExpensiveYou may have wondered why handcrafted jewelry are so steeply priced, and yet those are the pieces that catch the eyes first. Well, the answer is integrated in the question itself. Handcrafted ornaments are overpriced because they are aesthetically superior by comparison to machine made pieces.

Handcrafted Pieces are Artsy: You cannot deny that handcrafted pieces are a lot more artsy than their machine made counterparts. It is a fact that the best and most complicated of designs conceived in the pages are saved for handcrafting. That also explains why handcrafted jewelry make only a very small portion of the gallery while machine-made items are aplenty. Only designs that are original and cannot be casted by machines are crafted by hands.

All Vintage Jewels Are Handmade: Have you wondered why all antique jewels are aesthetically brilliant? There is something that stands them out from contemporary pieces, even from some signature pieces by top designers. What is that? It is the fact that all heritage jewels were cast and crafted by hands while modern jewels are machine made, or at least, made with machine aided techniques. That is partly why these antique jewelry pieces are always ahead in value than others.

Details and Finish Comparable to None: The highest point of handcrafting is the details and finish. Everything from enamel work to detailing, setting gems to polishing is carried out manually for handcrafted pieces. There is no involvement of machines at any point in the process. As a result, the details are painstakingly chipped and chiseled using hand tools. As for the finish, the items are sanded and polished time and again to perfect the finished look.

More Investment a Piece: From a seller’s point of view, handcrafted items are processed more, which justifies their high prices in the showrooms. It requires many times the effort and time required to produce an ornament by machine. Hourly wages of craftsmen, high-quality material, original design, etc. amount to a heavy figure which when compounded with profits and taxes come down to a steep one. However, the quality of item offered in exchange makes up for the extra expense.

If you are a collector or someone who has an eye for details, then handcrafted ornaments is what you should be looking at. You are bound to lose your heart to more than just one. So have your wallet prepared before you peruse this section.

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