Qualities of a pear shape cut diamond

Also known as teardrop diamonds, pear cut diamonds are among the standard diamond types you are likely to get in most shops. Just like many other diamond shapes, pears have their own unique qualities.

The pear shape was originally made through a technique called the marquise cut. However, since the marquise was plagued with a number of weaknesses, modern diamond cutters use a variation of the round brilliant cut. Not only do newer teardrop shapes have a round brilliant’s fire and scintillation, they also have rounded edges and smaller facets which help to protect it against damage.

A pear’s other advantages include its ability to conceal imperfections under its surface. Even if you buy a diamond of slightly lower quality, flaws may only appear under close scrutiny. You might also notice that the teardrop cut diamond keeps its classic appearance in a way unmatched by other diamond shapes.

When buying pear cut diamonds, you may want to keep an eye out for some apparent defects. The first is the bow tie effect, which causes a pair of dark spots resembling two symmetrical triangles to appear in the diamond’s center. This quirk can only be identified on a close inspection of the diamond by viewing the jewel from different angles. It may not be noted on your certificate. You may also want to see whether the stone has an un-cropped end; while this sort of tip gives a pear diamond its shape, it’s prone to damage. It’s important to try and buy a jewel marked very good or higher on its certificate to ensure if you care for quality.

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