How To Purchase Conflict-Free Diamonds


Buying a diamond is usually a joyous occasion and all you have to think about is the 4C’s and your preferences along with your budget, right? Well, you cannot be far from the truth though. The real diamond that you have hoped to buy may be tainted a.k.a. blood or conflict diamond. But what is that exactly and how can you steer clear of them when on a diamond purchasing endeavor?
A blood diamond is considered to be off bounds because it is a genuine stone sourced unlawfully by torturing the people working at the mines. Sometimes the diamonds are used to fund wars and bring on more hardship to innocent people of third world countries especially Africa. The practice of buying or selling such diamonds is, therefore, considered to be unethical and you would do well to check the source of the diamond you fancy before paying for it.  Surprisingly the human rights as well as the danger to the environment are factors that are completely overlooked with every one happily preferring to remain ignorant about the actual situation. It is not enough to be the proud owner of a brilliant stone sourced from the diamond mines though. You have to stand in solidarity with your suffering brethren and learn to say ‘NO’ to the practice.

How can you hope to buy a real diamond that has no blood and tears on it though? Ask for a certificate from the jeweler or diamond merchant who is selling you the stone. The truth usually comes out once the diamonds are placed on the International market for sale. Unfortunately, the ones in private hands cannot be traced back to their sources and there is absolutely no way to tell whether they are conflict free diamonds therefore. Your jeweler may not be at fault always though as the diamonds from conflict zones are almost always smuggled secretly and end up into the hands of genuine diamond dealers.  It therefore, makes sense to request a certificate that shows the authenticity of the diamond and corroborates its source as ethical. The global certification for a properly sourced diamond adheres to the Kimberly Process and is considered to be valid proof for a conflict free diamond today.

Buying engagement rings or wedding sets encrusted with dazzling diamonds is certainly nothing new and most couples with money to burn indulge in it at least once in their life time. Diamonds are also considered to be a good investment but not when you have a blood diamond in your hands. Do not forget to request a certificate before parting with your hard earned money therefore. It will let you sleep easy!

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