The Props of a Perfect Holiday Proposal

If you have been waiting the whole year for the holiday season to arrive, then it could only be for two things, the cyber Monday sale or a wedding proposal. All you guys out there who have been planning a holiday season proposal, this is an open invitation to take a read and help yourself with some ideas to make the act just perfect. There are not too many props involving a proposal. There are three things in total that you need to check on the list which are – the ring, the date and the lines. Let’s go over all three of them briefly just to make sure that you have got it.

The Props of a Perfect Holiday ProposalThe Ring: The first thing to do of course is to decide the date, but we will come to that in a moment. The ring is a more pressing thing in a proposal. It is the artefact that pulls it all together. So, you need to nail this right, and the other things will take care of themselves (Not quite, but the ring first). Start by getting educated about metals, gems, styles, band width, engravings and everything that factor into the buying decision. Start from scratch. Choose a ring based on her personality, and you can skip the riddle of her jewelry style and taste altogether. Keep it simple. If she’s sophisticated or even a little uptight get her a dainty ring. If she is nothing but adventurous, choose something rare and striking. If she is bold and upright, may be something similar for the lady.

The Date: The time of the proposal is crucial, down to the moment. So, you have to be meticulous in deciding on the day. Because yours is a holiday season proposal, your choices are abundant. Between Christmas and New Year, any time is good, if you ask me. But, this is your proposal, so the decision should be entirely yours. Again, New Year’s Eve is a great time to bring it on- a perfect way to end the year with the assurance of a new beginning.

The Lines: Little help is available in this matter. One suggestion that you will hear from most and I’ll only reiterate is let the lines come from the heart. Trust your feelings to guide the words, but even so, rehearsing it is imperative. So, write down the lines and rehearse them a couple of times just to get the feel so it’s not a down the rabbit hole feeling for you when you ask her.

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