Proposing While on a Beach Vacation


What’s the perfect way of bringing the question to your lips? When is the right time, what’s the right moment, which are the right words? There are so many questions and so much confusion building up to that minute that most people end up faltering. Before you end up in the place of hundred others before you, remember that you have only one chance at it. So, whatever you do, however you choose to do it, doing it right is paramount.
The idea of a weekend sabbatical by the beach comes easy. Sadly, that is only the excuse. The rest of the proposal needs extensive planning and seamless execution. All the same, the need to look yourself and completely confident is pressing. Here are some ideas to help you plan your perfect moment by the beach.

At Sunrise or Sunset
Philosophically, both sunrise and sunsets are the two points of a day that have countless symbolic interpretations. The sunrise marks the start of a new day, concomitantly signifying hope and a new start. As for sunsets, they are hopelessly romantic. So, either of the time is favorable to pop the question to your lady. Make sure you are somewhere solitary by the beach watching the sun rising over the horizon or melting into the water when you ask her to be yours. It also makes a perfect setting for photography.

Make It Big
If your girl is not shy with a little public display, then go ahead and make it big. Scrawl it in the sky with a biplane smoke trail or scratch it on the sand. You can even do it in the classic movie style. Have some youngsters carry the banner and hold it up for you while you go down on your knee and await her nod.

A Little Surprise
Though the above style has the surprise element in adequacy, it might not be the way of everyone. For more private people, a hidden proposal is a good way of bringing up the question without making it public. Hide the engagement ring inside a closed shell and place it somewhere in the shore (away from the water) where she will find it. Watch the stars in her eyes as she opens her surprise. You can also do it the fortune cookie or champagne goblet style, if you think it would impress her.

Message in a Bottle
Though borrowed from movies, it is very romantic and there is no denying that. Stuff your message, and make sure it’s a short one, inside a bottle and plug it in the san, making it look like another drifted curio the ocean has returned unclaimed. It’s a great way of making it all look incidental until she uncorks it and reads the scrawl inside.

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