Proposal Ideas for this Fall


When your mind is made up about the one you love, proposal is the next step left to mount. Now this step is fraught with a lot of ifs and buts, more than you would like to think there is. It is not lack of surety about whether it’s the right thing to do. You know, when you know. The impediment down the path is how to bring out the big question. You can’t ask her the question at a movie while munching on popcorn or wolfing down vindaloo at your favorite restaurant. There has to be the right time when the moment is the mood.

Oddly enough, waiting doesn’t help for you have to go out and make that moment happen. If you are planning to propose to your ladylove this fall, then here are some ideas that can help.


Against the Painted Backdrop
This sounds pretty romantic, in fact poetic, but where to find a painted background. If you are lucky, you will not have to go further than the public park in your neighborhood or hers. Fall is almost here and the leaves will start to shed. In another few weeks the trees will turn from green to interesting shades of red. Once the leaves bear brown, crimson, orange and yellow shades at the wake of the approaching winter, the backdrop will start to look no less than painted. Take her to a park that is popular for fall colors, but in an hour when it’s not overly crowded, go down on your knees and say it. Let the beauty of the nature romanticize the moment for the two of you while she smiles down an enthusiastic yes.


In a Halloween Party
Only a few would consider a Halloween party to be a fitting setting for engagement proposals. It can be so if you make some prior arrangements. If it’s your party, you will have full control over the décor, theme and people. If not, you have to talk your friends into it. In all likelihood anyone a good heart will fall for your cause. If it’s a garden party, make a walkway of burning candles. The candle-lit smiling pumpkin faces on the sides are fine to keep as long as you don’t have any spooky flying bats in sight. As she walks in, kill the music and prompt everybody to go quiet for a few second as you make your proposal in the light and dark of the garden.


At a Thanksgiving Dinner
Lastly, at a Thanksgiving dinner party when your friends and family have gathered together to share the Turkey, take the opportunity of the presence of your close ones to propose to the girl of your dreams. A Yes will make it the best Thanksgiving of your life.

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