Princess Cut Diamonds Make Perfect Earrings

Diamonds are deeply respected gems, shining everywhere from rings, bracelets and necklaces to pins and other mounts. Buying these jewels has become easier than ever before. Online stores are now available to help you find the stone you yearn for.

Through online retailers, you access a wider range of jewelry than a physical store can offer. These establishments also provide a wealth of information about diamonds, helping you to choose the piece that’s right for you, at a reduced price. Without the fees needed to maintain a storefront, an online store proprietor is able to pass the savings on to you.

After your purchase, your jewelry is shipped in the most secure method available. At, all shipments are insured up to the moment you sign for them.

If round brilliant diamonds are a favorite for engagement rings, the princess cut is the top choice for earrings.

Princess cut diamonds present a unique and elegant alternative to round cut diamonds. The soft cut with angled corners is more appealing than other square or rectangular shapes. Unlike other cornered cuts, the princess cut produces a play of light and shadow akin to a round brilliant.

In forming and polishing the diamonds in princess cut earrings, little rough weight is lost. By keeping most of the stone’s original weight, inclusions are harder to see, making the diamond more radiant than other styles. Princess cuts can be used in almost all designs of earrings, from casual, experimental to formal traditional styles. Find the perfect pair for you or a loved one from the master at

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