Princess Cut diamonds – for that extra glitter and bling!

No matter what shape or size a diamond is cut to, it gives an extraordinary brilliance and shine. One of the most popular types is the princess cut diamond. Although it’s only been around since the 1960s, it is the second most preferred cut after the round brilliant cut diamond. The most widely preferred and ideal diamond engagement rings are princess cut diamond solitaires. They are elegant, classic and the best choice for your loved one.

Princess cut diamonds are cost effective when compared to other diamonds. The square shape of princess cut diamonds preserves a large amount of carat rough as compared to other types such as the round brilliant cut diamond. With the brilliant cut, the edges of the diamond have to be trimmed for optimal symmetry and internal brilliance.

Any irregularly shaped stone can be cut into a square to transform it to a princess cut diamond. If you plan to purchase a princess cut diamond engagement ring, make sure that the corners of the diamond are covered with V shaped prongs. This will help in protect your diamond from chipping. Also look for certified princess cut diamonds to confirm the quality of your jewelry. Since diamond engagement rings are treasured for a lifetime, it is important to make sure it’s the best.

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