Princess Cut Diamonds: What You Didn’t Know

Popularity meter around the world rates the princess cut nearly as high as round cut, securing a place next to the latter in the chart. Created back in 1980s, today’s customers have a lot to thank the inventor duo Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar about. Princess cut has been voted as the fanciest cut so far tried on diamonds. Used mostly in wedding solitaire rings, the cut is a universal choice for rings of all designs. What’s striking about this undisputedly popular diamond cut is its low per-carat pricing. Yes, it is a notch less costly in comparison to round cut diamonds and that is secondarily why it makes the most obvious pick for consumers at large.

A princess cut diamond is priced by a number of factors. The first point that contributes to the substantial curtailing of the price is that a princess cut stone is usually one half of its rough source. So, lapidaries can cut out two pyramid stones from one octahedron. This is good news for them because it accounts for less wastage. Besides, the stones cut out from one such rough diamond are exactly the same size because of the perfect four-sided square shape of the cut. The wastage involved in this cut is so less that about 60% of the original weight of the stone is retained after shaping. This allows the sellers to label the stones with a diminutive price.

Numbers and Figures
The shape of a princess cut is ideally square, each of its four sides measuring exactly the same. Interestingly, there are some stones that are cut into princess, but with a slightly rectangular outline. You might not be able to perceive the shape difference easily, but there are some. The ideal ratio of a princess cut is 1.05 to 1.05, in a manner of speaking. It has the same numbers on all sides and that makes it a perfect square, regardless of the size of stones you choose. In fact, the illusion of a perfect square is such that the eyes are usually befooled by slight measurement differences. For instance a stone measuring 1.05 and 1.08 will still look a perfect square though it is quite not so.
What’s worth a mention here is that the price of a princess cut stone reduces with the rectangular shape of the stone. Owing to that or the uniqueness of the shape, some customers prefer that shape. So check out the measurements to know the exact shape you are buying.

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