The Prettiest Eternity Bands Money Can Buy


The concept of rings being the emblem of marriage sprang from the fact that a circle, that all rings are, do not have a start, nor end. Since the ends meet in a continuum, it signifies the eternal nature of love, and its bearings. Speaking of that, eternity rings make the most relevant artefact to immortalize one’s love story. Eternity bands are the same as love bands, only with a distinct design each. Keeping in line with the name, jewelers try to add a distinguishable quality to each of their eternity wedding rings by including rare gemstones across the many facets of the design. As a result, eternity rings make a stellar collection, their items radiating supernal beauty.

Diamond French Pave
If you thought solitaire diamond rings is the queen of all rings, then surely you haven’t seen the magic of French pave. 24 small sparkling diamond stones woven into a sophisticated band, this one has an intense sparkle that radiates even in the dark. Pave setting ensures a linear and uniform positioning of stones. The glistening platinum band adds to the marvel of the piece.

Diamond Trio Micro Pave
If only the creative inspires you, then take a look at this royal piece. This Trio ring has three surfaces, each of which is studded with glistening white loose diamonds. The diamonds on the outer surface are much larger than the scraps used on the top and under. On same platinum base, the rings use an approximate of 150 stones in total. Much heavier than the previous, this one makes a marvelous piece as a wedding or anniversary gift.

Sapphire Riviera Pave
Sapphire is a very precious gemstone, no less than diamond in its grandeur. This ring only exposes and manifests that in its Riviera paving, locking 35 ocean ink blue stones, circa, within its hollow. The design is sleek and uses 18 k white gold instead of platinum. If you are looking to peruse other color options, then check out the yellow, pink and ruby varieties too.

Luna Sapphire
Last but not the least, this final entry is sure to leave you spellbound. Using a piece of blue sapphire and white diamond each in a side-by sequence, this ring’s highlights are its Luna setting and gemstones. The ring is rhodium plated, and that brings down the price shockingly.
It is a woman’s ardent secret desire to want to have, not one, but each of these rings in possession. Make your marriage anniversary, or the wedding day an excuse to bring to her one of her coveted treasures.

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