Some Practical Holiday Wish List Suggestions

Most of our holiday wish lists are pretty expensive what with merchandise that keep adding to the count every now and then. Holidaying in Seychelles, owing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, a Patek Philippe timepiece, a sci-fi gadget and what not. The wish list often includes things that might well be out of your reach. Now you may defend that by saying that because it is not a practical purchase, it goes into your wish list. But, you don’t you want to go out and own all of that someday? If that’s the idea behind making a wish list, let’s keep it realistic. Here are 4 things that can build your wish list that you can actually go ahead and buy this holiday season without trading your fortune.

A Blue Diamond Ring
Every woman must have this rare piece of jewelry, even if that means scratching out some pedestrian items off the list. A blue diamond ring is an asset, something that you can pride on. When you wear one to a wedding, or a ball, people will turn their heads to look twice. To make a bigger impact, save for one that uses a sizeable diamond. Now blue diamonds are rarer than colorless ones and that makes them a lot pricier. But, in the holiday season, you might be in luck. Browse through stores to find something that comes within your budget. A little research can prevent the purchase to burn a fist-size hole in your pocket.

A Solar Power Charger
You will need this, for yourself and the planet. As a responsible citizen, you should switch to solar power anytime possible. If it is not a reasonable option for you to let go of everything electric and go solar all the way, then at least start with the smaller things. This solar power charger will free you from the pain of finding a power source during a trekking trip. Expose it to some sun and it will derive enough energy to fill up your phone batteries. Convenient, eh?

Pasta Attachments for a Stand Mixer
Nothing like making your own pasta in your kitchen. These attachments are the way to make pasta of all shapes and sizes right at home. Spaghetti, penne, fusilli, rigatoni, and every other shape can be obtained through these attachments. However, they do come for a price.

A Smoker
Want your meat to have the smoky scent, but don’t have enough time to grill? A smoker is what you need to have charcoal grilled meat without having to go through the pains of grilling. Bake your meat as you like it in the oven, and plain, shove them in a smoker and let the flavorsome smoke seep into the meat for a perfect grilled taste.

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