The Popularity of Pear Shaped Engagement Ring


Created over 500 years ago, pear shaped diamonds are amongst the oldest diamond cuts. Though they initially featured in drop earrings and necklaces, they today make stunning engagement rings too. They are more often used as side diamonds though a solitaire pear shape engagement ring has also become a much sought after choice. Pear shaped diamonds are also sometimes referred to as teardrop diamonds or pendeloque shaped diamond. They are available as pear loose diamonds as well. They are amongst the most unique shapes and have over the years fetched mixed reactions.

The pear shaped diamond is a cross between a round cut and a marquise cut where one end is rounded while the other end tapers to a point. It possesses around 58 facets, thus displaying as much sparkle as a round cut. Pear shaped diamonds are a beautiful substitute to the traditional princess cut and even the round brilliant cut. There are in fact several reasons for which the pear shaped diamonds are very popular:

  • When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, most people retort to buying the traditional round or princess cut because of their immense popularity. If you are someone who loves to explore the unexplored, going for the lesser known cuts like pear shaped diamonds makes for a striking and unusual statement. Being a unique type, you may be the only one wearing a pear shaped diamond.
  • You can buy pear shaped loose diamonds and mount them on any type of setting or use them as side stones. This is one of those cuts, which looks good on all types of settings be it solitaire, or multi-stones.
  • Its popularity stems from the fact that long pear loose diamonds when set as a ring make your finger appear slimmer and longer. Many people, thus select it due to the elongated profile it has. There are others who wish to benefit from this shape as they would want to somewhat enhance the length of their fingers.
  • Pear shaped diamonds are modified round brilliant diamonds which means that it has all the 58 sparkling facets which deliver the much desired fire and brilliance.

If you are planning to buy pear shaped loose diamonds, ensure that the rounded edge of the diamond is even. The value of pear shaped diamond is lost if one side is more sloped than the other. A dark bow-tie effect in the center of the rounded half of the diamond is common, and you need to ensure that this imperfection is not present.

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