Popular Diamond Cuts This Year in Order of Appearance

Diamonds come in many varieties and grades. They are cut, polished and enhanced in laboratories before they are sent off to the stores for display. Although you may already know the 9 cuts in which diamonds are shaped today, they hardly appear in the shelves all at once. There are some that make it to the top a year, while others graze the bottom. The order keeps refreshing and reshuffling every year making it an essential thing for the fashionable ones to keep updated on the change. So, here are the top cuts that were more popular than others this year.


Although the status of round cut diamonds has been mildly challenged by the rise of other fancy shapes, it still continues to remain on top this year. The round cut diamond with 58 facets is the most popular cut of diamond in 2017. But if you think about it, there is hardly any cut that can rival the brilliance and beauty of this cut. So as of now, the round cut diamonds are here to stay and stay on top it is.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds


The cushion cut traded places with princess cut the last year, and it holds its place this year. An imaginative blend of round and Old Mine cuts, the cushion cut brings together the beauty of both the worlds. Also referred to as the pillow cut because of its resemblance with a cushion, this cut has an essentially vintage feel about it. The stones with width ratio of 1.00/ 1.05 and less have the maximum sparkle.

Cushion cut diamonds
Third in place this year is the princess cut with 49 facets. This cut had taken the market by storm when it was first introduced. Brilliant and beautiful, it was once the most favored cut for solitaire rings. Though it has moved a few places this year, it still is one of the most favorite cuts among the ladies.

Princess cut diamonds

Oval cut diamonds have covered a great distance to be with us on this list. The cut is absolutely loved for its money-saving attribute, among other things. It is the oval cut that has given low-carat diamonds the appearance of chunky ones with its spread-table top.

Oval cut diamonds
The emerald cut is loved for the hall-of-mirrors cuts on the sides. Also called the step-cut, the stone cashes on its flat facet and step-cut crown corners.

Emerald cut diamonds

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