5 Points to Check When Buying Pearls

If you love the oceans, you must love pearls. Same goes for people who feel an overwhelming feeling of joy at the sight of rainbows after a torrent of rain. So, for all pearl lovers out there, buying these marine darlings is perhaps the best investment decision you have made, when it comes to jewelry. Whether your style is a perfect round pearl or an odd lumpy baroque, pearls require some serious pre-purchase research.
Some gems are plain divas and pearls are simply one of them. So, you need to check a few points to be doubly sure of the piece you are buying.

5 Points to Check When Buying Pearls

Does it have a Rich Sheeny Character?
The richer the luster, the more intensely luminous a pearl is. Therefore, the luster can be seen as the visual indicator of how thick or thin the outer sheen is. Understandably, the thicker the outer coating is, the more lustrous they look, and that is true for both under flattering light and in ambient illumination.
There are pearls of two kinds, the ones that shine like a beam and there are those that look chalky and lifeless, but are still pearls. The dull texture is caused by a flimsy outer layer which eventually wears off with time. So, all that is left of the pearl after its outer film is gone is a shell nuclei that has neither the shine,nor the nacres.


The Surface Should be as Smooth as Silk
Fine pearls, both natural and farmed have a perfect smooth outer finish, which is all the more reason why you should look for pearls with thick outer coats. These pearls have flawless surfaces and that is exactly what you are looking for. However, that does not mean you are going to cringe at the sight of every minute imperfection. Minor flaws are acceptable as long as the luster of the pearl is still deep and intense. But, do not be talked into buying those with visible cracks, pits or blisters.


Always Look for a Pleasant Looking Pearl
A perfect round pearl is definitely a lot more desirable than the lumpy ones, and that explains the cripple costs of one. But, as long as the shape of pearls continue to affect the cost, buyers can do little but make do with less uniform ones. But in all fairness, look for a round pearl, even if it isn’t a perfect round.


The Color Should Flatter All the Three of Your Skin, Eye and Hair Color
Pearls come in different shades of ivory white, and if you didn’t believe it before, there is a whole lot of a difference between ivory and egg shell white. So, these little details you need to pay attention to if you want to find a shade that compliments your color.


Size Is Important
Lastly, it is important to find a pearl with the size that is appropriate for your jewelry. Single pendants should wear larger pearls than pearl strings or pearl studs.

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