Platinum in Wedding Jewelry

Platinum is a metal that requires no introduction in the modern context. Although its emergence has been recently compared to gold and silver that have existed through centuries, it has rose to popularity for the right reasons. Platinum, though way more pricey than the other precious metals we were acquainted to till its advent, is loved by men and women alike. One reason why people love platinum to silver or white gold is its durability. As for aesthetics, platinum is premium. The metal showed promise to jewelers since its first appearance and even today, it is living up to all the standards it has set. In wedding jewelry, platinum today occupies a central position.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum wedding bands came into vogue following the popularity explosion observed in the celebrity population around the world. People with means have been known to replace their yellow gold collection largely with platinum baubles. It is around this time that platinum bands became a fad among men and women. Men find the muted silver tone of platinum attractive whereas women are prevailed by its very chic feel. Platinum, for a very long time, outclassed most precious metals until jewelers put some effort into magnetizing the popular attention back to gold, silver and the likes.


Platinum Solitaires

Platinum solitaires are one of the crown jewels in the solitaire section of jewelry galleries. The scene is quite the same for both upscale and mediocre stores. As the people inclined more and more towards this lucid, silvery metal, brands started to stock up their shelves with platinum solitaires. Diamond solitaires in platinum holds sway over gold solitaires in any market in this time.


Platinum Pendants

Another popular item of jewelry that is popular in platinum is pendants. Small and large platinum pendants became the craze of a generation for some time. The demure tone and high polish of platinum made it a mainstay in everyday wear section. Office jewelry are suffused with platinum pendants and charms. To take it to a different level, jewelers threw in some gemstones and the results, as you all know, was phenomenal. Although platinum works great with most colored gems, its romance with transparent diamonds is timeless.

Owing to its durability, platinum hardly requires any maintenance. Although chances are that only some of the finest jewelry are made of platinum, those are the pieces that demand minimum care.

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