Some Pieces That Bust the Ordinariness of Jewelry Designs

Following the launch of every ornament, jewelers get sucked into advertisement campaigns that have one and only one design, to establish the novelty of the piece. Though true it is that each piece is different from another, on a flip side, the diversification of designs in jewelry is not as profound as it should be. If that came as a shock, then ask yourself why billboards of jewelry companies advertise one, and not any random piece. Because, the rest fall in line with traditional, conventional, everyday and such labels, while a handpicked few manage to shrug that common tag off them and create a distinct identity of their own. This argument can be supported with delineations of a few pieces that stand exemplary of this truth.

Blue Bellflower Set
Bellflower or Campanula is not rare in warm places. But, it is not every day that this flower gives a jeweler a creative itch. Riding the choice of a flower that is commonplace, yet never been an element in jewelry designing, this product has enjoyed enormous popularity. The science and arts of the craft mastered by the designers deserve a second round of applause. The downy bellflower earrings are studded with blue sapphire on the outside and diamonds on the inside. The pendant is a bigger bellflower with an added extension of a sprig and leaves. It is indeed a masterpiece that offers a standing ovation to minimalism.

Foliage Motif Bracelets
These hinged bracelets are about 31.00 mm wide, which makes them expensive just by their gold content. The bangles are simple and untouched except for the foliage motif imprinted at the front. A celebration of Mother Nature as the true muse of the art of jewelry designing, this pair of bangles has a loving touch of nostalgia. Designed to vintage perfection, the bracelets display an openwork monogram at the center that can be customized to anything you want. The plain gold, high-polish finish in the rest of the bangle and the front motif together combine the quaintness of yesterday and the modern addiction to perfection.

Platinum Wrist Chains with Sapphire Interjections
Platinum and sapphire is an overused combination, but somehow, the pairing works wonders every time. Cashing on this exquisite match, this item came to prominence. It is a simple chain-link bracelet that ends in a lobster clasp woven with pauses of square blue sapphires. The piece is light, yet stunning, practical, yet delicate.

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