Picking a piece of Jewelry from a Rack of Hundreds

Choosing something often gets confusing owing to one fact- the reasons of choosing do not come clear to us. That is why, setting up a few questions and finding an answer to each helps. The job of finding and picking gets pretty puzzling when you have a pile of options at hand. That ruffles up the fore thoughts and purposes with which you arrived at the store. If you find yourself staring helplessly at a rack of ornaments without the tiniest clue of which one to pick, then ask yourself a few questions.

What Can You Afford?
People often move this to the bottom of the list to avoid restricting one’s self. But, in reality, you need to set yourself boundaries and that part comes first. You do not want to go overboard on your budget and lose your heart to a very expensive piece only to realize that you can’t afford it. It will only lead to a waste of time and labor. So, if you need a pencil and a paper, calculate it out before you even get out there. It is important to stay within the limits of your affordability and do not be discouraged if it’s not a lofty figure. There is a plenty of likeable options in the low-end section.

Is it a Daily Wear or a Fancy Wear?
Before you get lost in the labyrinth of designs and details, reflect on whether you want to use the piece of jewelry every day or only on rare occasions. If the answer is first, then pick something of a simple design and built. Anything sleek would just suit the purpose fine. Try to pick anything with elaborate designs because they are quick to catch dirt. Also, try to pick between pave or bar settings rather than prong and French V split.

What’s Your Style, Delicate or Dazzling?
Again, if it’s something you are going to wear 24/7, then a dandy piece will do just fine. If you choose to cross the border and go over to the gorgeous and ornate side, then it should strictly be for parties and events. A delicate and sophisticated ring goes with anything because of the demure tone of its designs. A gorgeous ring with a pant suit will stick out like a sore thumb, and you don’t want that. So, choose wisely.
These four questions should throw a light on exactly what kind of a jewelry you’re looking for. Picking gets easier when you know what you want.

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