Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

The pressure of coming up with the perfect engagement ring is often the reason why people fail to accomplish the job. The burden of expectations is often the reason that foils the performance. That of fact is not far from the truth in case of shopping for engagement rings. Particularly for men who have no particular interest in fashion merchandise and no prior experience to fall back on often find it cumbersome to hit the pot right at the first shot. If you are standing in one such impasse with absolutely no clue about what’s next, then here is a little help that you can use.
The quest for a perfect ring must begin with the question, what makes a ring perfect? Is it the diamond, the design, the cut or the sum of all these parts? Well, the answer as you know already is in the tail of the question. It is all of these apart and together. So, here is how you can start your research. Know a little about the association cuts of diamonds and people’s personalities. This formula will make the selection process rather simple and easy.

Round-Cut: A round-cut diamond ring is a classic choice and a best fit for a traditional-minded person who appreciates it fully. Besides, a round-cut diamond sparkles like no other. So, it has that advantage above all other cuts.

Princess-cut: A princess-cut is another classical pick for romantic purposes. The square-cut diamond stands for beauty and versatility. It is lively, sparkly, trendy and everything, doused in a bath of traditionalism. So, if your lady doesn’t mind something classical or conventional then nothing can beat a princess-cut diamond ring.

Pear-Cut: A pear-cut, also popularly known as the teardrop shape is a fusion of round and marquise, both on either ends. This one is definitely an adventurous buy just for the reason that it is a far out from the traditional choice. A pear-cut is for a woman who is fun and independent, and shares the spirit of adventure.

Radiant-Cut: A radiant-cut is different from most cuts, not because of its straight sides and angular look, but because it is all that and still elegant. The cut spells confidence and fun.

Cushion-Cut: A cushion-cut diamond is an exclusive pick for an engagement ring. It is elegant, chic and sophisticated, a very romantic selection for a wedding proposal.

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