Personalizing a Wedding Ring: Doing It the Right Way


If there is one context in which personalization makes complete sense, that would be proposal rings. Your engagement artefact should not be just a store-bought item that has hundreds of copies in the market. You need something special, something original, something that tells your story to the world and that conveys a special message to the love of your life. Now, that would leave you wondering if it is at all possible to have that kind of creative control over a ring. The answer is yes, and the condition, only if you are on the right track. Run your mind enough and patiently deliver clear instructions to the craftsman. The final product will be just as you wanted, or even better, if you are lucky.

Visual Cues
It is never fully possible to recite the image in your brain to another person. Even professionals might fail to take cues. Hence, it is important to be aided by visuals. Find visual inspirations on the Internet or dig up something that is nearest to the picture in your mind. Things get a lot easier for the other person to understand that way. Pinterest can be of some help in finding a diversity of customized ring images.

A Jeweler Who Is In Businesses for Decades
The key to customization is experience. Your job is safe in the hands of someone who has done something out of the book before. A jeweler who has been into personalizing for a long time will know how to accommodate your specific needs in the most accurate manner possible. If the ring in your mind is of vintage style, go to stores that specialize in traditional ornaments. For more contemporary designs, try the swanky showrooms that have elaborate ideas about sleek and finer designs.

Start from the Start
It is important to begin from the very scratch when imparting instruction to the concerned professionals. Try not to assume that they know some of the things, for this is your own design and they are as clueless about it as the one you will present it to. So, your concept, at best, might even surprise them, if it is completely original. So, mention everything from the engraving you want to the typeface, the filigree to the band width. If you do not find a visual parallel on the Internet, try drawing it out, but by all means, be specific and precise.

Pick Your Own Diamond
Since you are the designer of your ring, it is best not to leave the choice of stone to anybody else. Take a look at all available options, crosscheck with your budget and select the stone you want the ring to wear when you are handed it out.

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